Please find below the first chapter of the latest instalment of the fairy lights series, "A Thousand and One Fairy Lights: Part Three"

Part three of Melanies' continuing exploits in the fairy world. Things have taken a definite downturn for Melanie. But, she has  every intention of fighting back and so, with new found friends, she sets off to try and set things right, with many sexy adventures on the way.



The night seemed to stretch on forever. All the events of the previous day played through Melanie’s buzzing mind like a silent black and white movie high on coke. All the events of the past few days seemed to blur together in such confusion that she found it hard to separate out all the different elements and work it all out.

She lay on her side staring out at the pitch black darkness surrounding her and trying to decipher every click, tap or creak that might indicate someone trying to break in. She tried to reassure herself— Mistress Celendine swore that the Peacock guards would not return, now that they had taken Rosscanon, Melanie’s fairy servant. Celendine said that that should be enough for Lord Peacock to feel that he’d exacted some revenge on Melanie’s slight to himself and his son (Lord Peacock had demanded that she have sex with his boy and Melanie, rather unsurprisingly, had told him to fuck off).

For the umpteenth time she sighed. If only I’d drunk more wine, lay back on the bed, and gritted my teeth. The runt probably wouldn’t have lasted more than a few seconds anyway.

Then it would have been all over and life would have just carried on as normal—Rosscanon serving, Melanie lusting after her—perfect. But no! Right was on her side and she would have rather died than have some stuck up little prick tell her who she was going to have sex with.

All well and good but her principled stand had consequences. Poor Rosscanon kidnapped and God only knows what those bastards were doing to her. She thrust the burning thoughts from her mind. That was somewhere her imagination really didn’t want to go.

A thump from downstairs snatched her back to the moment. What the hell was that? She stared out into the dark, her ears keening. A few moments of silence followed, then a rustle, then more silence . . .

Apparently, the house had ‘mice’ or, at least, that’s what Rosscanon had told her. The ‘mice’ came out in the middle of the night and ran around downstairs. The ‘mice’ made noises while running round, but should she try and find the ‘mice’ Rosscanon said that she would never see them—they were far too quick to surprise and would be safely tucked away in their little ‘mouse homes’ even before Melanie had managed to get out of bed. She suspected that these ‘mice’ probably didn’t have fur and whiskers and really wished the little sons-of-bitches didn’t go round making so much noise.

Another creak made her stiffen. That was just the house settling or something—right? In the distance an owl hooted and she expected, at any moment, for some spooky music to suddenly start up and complete the scene.

She went to lie on her back and a flaring pain made from her behind forced her back onto her side. Her poor welted bottom was another reason she couldn’t sleep, it was still bruised and throbbing from the whipping she’d suffered at the hands of Mistress Celendine. Did she regret asking to be punished? She wasn’t sure. Truth was there was a small part of her that might have enjoyed it, no matter how much it hurt. And the forgiveness from Linden and make-up sex that followed was certainly worthwhile.

Melanie sighed with confusion. She hated and resented her husband hitting her, but with Celendine it somehow felt different. Maybe that was because Celendine was actually warm and caring, while her husband was nothing more than a controlling monster. She reached down and ran a hand across the tender welts. Celendine had said that she’d given her half the punishment a fairy normally would receive. Well, a fairy’s bottom must be a damn site tougher than hers, no matter how fair and sensitive they might appear.

Anyway, she deserved it—saying what she’d said to the elves, it was wrong. She  decided to avoid getting another beating from Celendine at all costs . . . and yet there was no denying that deep down inside, there was a flicker of desire for another session, lying helpless across the fairies knee, but as a more gentle prelude to lovemaking rather than discipline. She wondered if Celendine was capable of such a thing. In all probability she was, but Melanie felt she could never dare to ask her, not if it meant receiving something more painful than she wanted.

Another scrape from downstairs caught her attention. Surely that was more than ‘mice’! Deciding she had to investigate she crept off the bed, wincing as the bed creaked as she did so. She felt around in the dark until she found the shutters that closed the window and pulled them open.

A full moon blazed in cloudless sky lighting up the landscape below. In the distance the shadowed turrets of the castle spired high up into the night, their edges etched out in silver. The moon gave enough light for her to see the stairwell and, as there were no shutters on the downstairs bay window, she knew there should be enough light for her to see if anything was down there.

She searched round for something to use as a weapon and found nothing useful. Another low scrape made her catch her breath. Something larger than ‘mice’ was definitely down there. She found a silver backed hairbrush—not much of a weapon, but if she could creep down to the bottom of the stairs she might be able to peer into the drawing room from the shadow of the stairs and see it before it saw her.

She caught another low shuffle, and it sounded like whatever was down there was trying to creep about without being noticed. Might still be the ‘mice’ of course, but Melanie knew that she wouldn’t be happy until she’d searched the house and found it empty. She wrapped her elven cloak round her and crept from the bedroom. She stood at the top of the stairs peering down into the dark. Another shuffle came from downstairs, this time near the stairwell.

Keeping a firm grip on the hairbrush she tiptoed down the stairs. Fighting to keep her breathing steady she tiptoed down feeling for each stair with her toes. A couple more bangs and scrapes stopped her mid-step, but she continued on until she reached the bottom.

She held her breath and peered round into the room beyond. As predicted the moon shone bright through the big bay window to bathe the room in a milky glow. The light showed nothing. Odd little mice then, she decided and she relaxed her breath. Shaking her head at the stupidity of her paranoia she turned to go back up the stairs.

A low bang and a shuffle made her freeze. She spun back just in time to see a flicker of movement from the open doorway that led into the kitchen. Someone was in the house with her. She flattened up against the wall and crept round the sitting room taking care not to bump into any furniture and keeping a constant watch on the doorway.

She reached it and stood with her back pressed hard into the doorframe, her ears as sharp as needlepoints. From the kitchen came the sound of a drawer being opened and closed followed by the sound of pouring water. Though her visits to the kitchen had been rare, she knew it well enough to know that the sink was set in the far wall and whoever it was must now have its back to her.

This was her best chance. Taking a deep silent breath she peered round the door into the kitchen beyond. The only window was above the sink. Silhouetted against the window like a pane of greyscale stained glass was a fairies wing. The pattern on the wing showed it to be one of the castle fairies. Her heart leapt with joy.

“Rosscanon!” she shouted. “You’ve come back.”

With a night shattering shriek the fairy leapt into the air. At the same time a metal dish clattered to the stone floor. The fairy landed and a voice Melanie didn’t recognize came from the shadowed figure.

“Mistress! You frightened me!”

Disappointed that it wasn’t Rosscanon Melanie collected herself. “And what about you creeping about and scaring the crap out of me, eh?” she said. “Who the hell are you, and what are you doing here?”

“Do you not know, Mistress? I am Cantabelle, I’m Rosscanon’s replacement.”

“You are what?”

“Her replacement—I’m your new servant.”

Melanie became angry. “I didn’t ask for a new servant. I don’t deserve a new servant. Who sent you?”

“Mistress Celendine sent me.” The fairy sounded upset. “I have been instructed to take Rosscanon’s place.” Then she became defensive. “If that’s not something you want, you’ll need to take it up with her.”

Melanie heard disrespect in her voice. “Who are you to talk to me like that, servant? I only asked who you were, and you forgot to address me in the correct manner.”

“I’m sorry; Mistress Melanie, but you’ve upset me.”

Melanie knew that servitude was a serious matter in the castle and apologized. “Look, I’m sorry as well. Why don’t we just start again? So, I know why you’re here, but why are you creeping round my house in the dark?”

Cantabelle spread her wings, with the moonlight shining through them the effect was rather striking. “I didn’t want to disturb you, Mistress. I was doing my best to be quiet.”

Melanie sighed. “It’s okay I couldn’t sleep anyway. I take it you were trying to clean up the place by fishing round in the moonlight (she realized she’d left it in a terrible mess)?

“That’s right, mistress. I was instructed to have it cleaned and your breakfast ready by dawn.”

“By Mistress Celendine?”

“Mistress Celendine, yes.”

 “I really don’t deserve another servant you know.”

The fairy didn’t reply, obviously it wasn’t her place to comment either way.

“Well, you’re here now,” Melanie continued. “You might as well light a load of candles so you can, at least, see what you’re doing.”

“I don’t need candles, Mistress. I can see perfectly well without them.”

“You can, can you? Well, get on with it then, I’m too tired and in too much pain to argue. I’m gonna take myself back off to bed.”

“I can help you with that, Mistress.”

Melanie stared at her. “Help with what?”

“With your bruises; I know you’ve been whipped by Mistress Celendine.”

“Bloody hell! Does the entire castle know?”

“No, mistress, only me. I also know what has happened to Rosscanon.”

The mere mention of the name fired an arrow of regret into Melanie’s heart. “Yeah look, I’m really sorry about that. I’m planning to try and do something about it.”

“I know I’m coming with you.”

Though it should have, that statement didn’t surprise Melanie in the least. Before she could reply the fairy continued speaking.

“I’ve been whipped myself a few times. I know how painful the damage can be—.”

Believe me you’ve no idea, missy, Melanie thought.

“—and I’ve brought some special cream. We’re not supposed to have it, but a friend of a friend . . . if you know what I mean?”

“Cream? Will that stuff help?”

“Oh yes, Mistress. It will ease the soreness and quicken healing. Would you like me to rub some on you?”

Melanie nearly laughed. “Well, there’s an offer a gal can’t refuse.”

“Very well, Mistress . . .” Cantabelle hesitated a moment before adding “And not a word to Mistress Celendine. It would go badly for me if she ever found out.”

“Not a word, I promise.”

The fairy moved away from the window and disappeared into the shadows then reappeared right in front of Melanie’s face. Then a hand, soft and gentle, was placed in hers. The fairy led her out and up to the bedroom, steering round furniture so expertly that Melanie asked “How are you able to see so well? I would have smacked my toes, knees, shins and hips a dozen times by now.”

“I’m blessed with night-sight,” Cantabelle answered. “It’s quite rare among fairy folk and one of the reasons why Mistress Celendine has requested that I serve you.”

“Just one of the reasons?”

They reached the bedroom and Melanie was guided towards the bed. In the moonlight she could make out a few features of her new servant—a full face, a glint of light from wide eyes, much wider than others she’d seen, and bundles of hair. Her wings were larger than other fairies as well, quite magnificent, in fact.

The fairy answered her second question. “I am also a follower of the Goddess Sapphos. I have never seen or spoken directly to the Goddess, even though I’ve served her all my life (Melanie detected a hint of jealousy in her voice). I would just love to know how you managed to meet her. I suspect it wasn’t that easy.”

“You only have to fall asleep on yon riverbank, my lady,” Melanie said. “I can show you where if you like.”

Cantabelle chuckled. “Just fall asleep on the riverbank,” she parodied. “If only it were that easy.”

She chuckled again and Melanie got the feeling she was being ridiculed, but she knew the fairy meant nothing by it and supposed that she must have come across as a bit arrogant making out that it was so easy.

Cantabelle shook her head and then said, “Take off your cloak, Mistress.”

The command was so sudden, so direct that Melanie felt a familiar kick of sexual excitement. She let the cloak slip from around her shoulders and fall from her arms to form a heap around her ankles. She then stood naked, expectant. The fact that Cantabelle could see her perfectly while remaining in shadow added to her sexual nervousness.

The fairy’s voice came as a whisper “My, but you’re every bit as beautiful as some of the other fairies say, but you sure look odd without wings.” She caught herself, as if remembering her position. “I’m sorry, Mistress I shouldn’t have—”

“That’s okay,” Melanie interrupted, “I know I must look a bit odd.”

It went quiet for a few moments then Cantabelle said, “I notice you haven’t trimmed your pubic hair into a shape. Didn’t Rosscanon ever—”

“How about we just get on with this creaming thing, eh?”

“Of course, Mistress, please lie out on the bed.”

Melanie did as instructed, wincing with the effort. She stretched out on the bed lying on her tummy. Reaching forward she grabbed a pillow and tucked it under her head, which she turned to one side so she could still see the silhouetted outline of Cantabelle. The fairy seemed to take something from a pouch at her side then knelt onto the bed. The bed sagged and creaked as she positioned herself next to Melanie, who got the impression that she was being examined from head to toe.

She forced herself to relax as a hand brushed her bottom. After a while Cantabelle said, “Just fifteen welts, Mistress and yet your poor bottom looks like you received so much more.”

“Yeah I know, I’m just a real softie next to you fairies, eh?”

“It looks like you took quite a beating.”

“I deserved it.”

“If you say so, Mistress; here, I’ll help make it better.”

There followed the sound of something being opened, then the hand rubbed a cool thick cream across her welts. At first the touch was painful and forced Melanie to take a sharp intake of breath, but the pain soon disappeared beneath the gentle stroking action of the fairy’s palm.

“Mmmm, that feels nice,” Melanie purred.

All too soon the fairy stopped with a “there, that should help.”

She knelt back and lifted off the bed. “Sleep well, Mistress I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Wait,” Melanie said. It all felt too soon, too little. She needed more than just surface healing, her heart ached and the fairy was so kind, so compassionate.

Cantabelle hesitated then said, “Do you want me to make love to you, Mistress?”

It was such a beautiful and genuine offer that Melanie felt emotion welling up inside her chest, but as nice as the prospect sounded she needed something much more basic than that.

“I sure do, but not tonight, not now. Right now I just need someone to hold me. Will you lie down beside me, Cantabelle?”

“But, my chores—”

“Can wait until the morning—please, Cantabelle.”

“Of course, Mistress.”

Cantabelle then maneuvered herself across and behind Melanie and pushed up against her. She wrapped her arm across Melanie’s side lightly brushing her breast. The body of the fairy felt warm comforting. Her breath light and sweet caressed the back of Melanie’s hair, making the fine hairs on the back of her neck vibrate.

It was just what she needed and taking security from her new servant, Melanie fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

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