Please find below the first chapter of the latest instalment of the fairy lights series, "A Thousand and One Fairy Lights: Part Two"

Everything seems to have worked out for Melanie. She has a new house, a sexy servant and just about everything she could hope for. However, it isn’t long before the need for adventure sets in with disastrous and unpredictable results. 

Chapter One

Melanie woke to find that she’d been placed in an elven tent at the edge of the village. She uncurled and stretched loving the warm sensation of the cushion beneath her. She lay in the stupor that comes only after the finest lovemaking. And what lovemaking it was.

    The elves certainly knew how to reward someone, and as she turned over she decided that last night was the best yet. The sun cast languid shadows across the inside of the tent while beyond the canvas walls she could hear the sounds of elves talking and going about their day.

    As she lay, she reminisced.

    So much had happened to her since she’d arrived in this strange world. She was running away when she had spied on a gathering of fairies back in her own world (wherever that was). They’d caught her and sent her into, what she assumed was the fairy realm.

    Here, she met fairies a king and a prince. That didn’t end well, and she still winced when she thought of the punishment the prince had dealt out to her.

    They sent her to the elves and here she met Linden, her elven lover. It was Linden who explained that all the elven men had been cursed to live out their lives as trees and that the elves were destined to become extinct.

    She rolled over with a sigh. She could have returned home. She’d found a magic fountain which only she could use. She could have wished herself back to her own world. But, at the last moment she instead wished for elven men to be freed from their curse.

    That had impressed everyone. The fairy king gave her a house and a servant, while the elves gave her the night of her life. She smiled inside with feline satisfaction.

    But, she couldn’t lie here all day and after their intense sexual gratification she decided that she should maybe see how her house and new servant, Rosscanon, was getting on.


 She got up and found that her clothes had been folded next to her. Somehow, fainting in orgasm made her feel more than a little embarrassed. She got dressed and snuck away back across the river that separated elven and fairy lands.

    She returned to her house to discover that Rosscanon had been busy.

    Her mock Tudor mansion, complete with thatched low hanging roof, whitewashed walls and crooked wooden beams sat within the hollow by a bend in the river that ran alongside it—a sleepy, secluded place where the only sound was the bubbling of flowing water and the occasional drone of a buzzing insect.

    She walked in to find the place had been spring cleaned and a stack of food and a flagon of mead filled the large oak table that dominated the drawing room. Cakes, sweetmeats and fruits of every shade and colour together with what looked like a salad of giant green leaves covered every available inch of the dark wooden surface.

    The only light in the room came from a huge bay window. This gave the room shades of shadow making it feel like some kind of stage set from an historical TV series.

    As she stood staring at it, she got a flash of the rest of her life—a life filled with everything she could ever desire, here in the peaceful tranquillity of endless ho-hum.

    She picked up a rosy pink peach, soft and perfect, its skin covered in a fuzz of tiny hairs. Already knowing what it would taste like, she took a bite anyway. Yup, there it was—sweet, soft pulp and nectar enlivened her mouth with its peachiness. She tried hard not to like it, but it was just sooooo nice!

    She put it down and grabbed a tall wooden beaker carved with dancing winged figures and took a gulp of mead. The rich warm honey liquid didn’t merely slip down her throat, oh no—it eased its way down, caressing and enlivening every cell on its way.

    Again, she tried not to like it, but what was there not to like? This was a hedonistic world she’d now chosen to stay in, one from which there was no escape. She gave that up when she used her one and only wish to save the elves from going extinct, rather than returning back to her own world.

    Her mind touched on what she was trying to avoid—her session at the hands of the female elves was easily the best lovemaking of her life; and this house, this food, this booze (oh God, this glorious booze) it was all so perfect as to be unreal.  

    Obviously, it must suited John, the only other human to have lived here. She could imagine the man—fat, contented, living out his days in endless paradise—eating, drinking and having fantastic sex with fairy females (and possibly males) whenever he wanted. Fat old bastard probably keeled over while being shagged senseless by yet another fairy doll a fraction of his biological age.

    She smiled at the thought and shook her head, if it so suited him.  Then why am I having so many problems with it all?

    The answer came to her. She’d trusted to things being perfect before. Trusted that life would not screw it up—but it did, every time.

     And I’m not used to things staying perfect am I. Something has always gone wrong. 

    The return of her fairy servant, Rosscanon caught her attention. A flitting shadow at the window was followed by the fairy stepping through the front door. Her arms were filled with a pile of what looked like bed linen and towels. Rosscanon smiled at her then flitted past to disappear upstairs. A short while later she came back down brushing at her long gown as she came.

    The fairy sported a different hairstyle; her hair had been dyed with golden highlights and bunched up in a tight little knot held in place by a silver clasp in the shape of a butterfly. The hairstyle revealed her neck which flowed in a graceful arc down into her shoulders.

    Her gown was dark blue and made of silk. “This material creases so easily,” she muttered to herself and she continued to brush down it. She reached the bottom of the stairs and then seeming to remember Melanie was there, stopped brushing and looked up. The smile on the fairy’s face faded.

     “Why, Melanie, whatever is the matter?”

     (This rather surprised Melanie, as she thought she was smiling).

    Melanie sighed and threw up her hands. “To be honest, I’m not sure. Everything seems so perfect here. If it manages to stay that way, I’m afraid I’m going to grow fat and bored and feel like I’ve been put out to grass, or something.”

    Rosscanon looked confused. “Well, if you feel anything is missing, you must let me know.”

    “Excitement! That’s what I’m missing”

    “Didn’t you get that with the elves?”

    Melanie flushed at the thought. “More than I’ll let on, but I can’t stay with the elves it doesn’t feel right. They’ve got their men back and I just don’t feel I can impose.”

    The fairy still looked confused.

     Melanie (who wasn’t sure about anything herself) waved round the room. “It’s just that, all of a sudden, I’ve got everything I could ever need.” She pointed at Rosscanon “Even my own servant. Where’s the challenge, where’s the fun?”

     Rosscanon laughed and gave a little hop, which made her wings shake. “Oh, don’t worry, Melanie, you have no idea of the fun we’ll have. I’m so looking forward to it.”

    She came into the room and started clearing the table. “For a start,” she said, “there’s a farewell party being held for Prince Arryan—”

    “What, the guys leaving already? He only just got here?”

    Rosscanon winked at her “Oh, he comes and goes all the time. Don’t worry it won’t be for long. But we fairies don’t need much excuse for a gathering.”

    “A gathering?”

    “Yes, a party.” She clapped her hands in excitement. “All the court will be there and some visiting dignitaries as well. Word is the Peacocks will be attending—a very important family from an adjoining Kingdom, and, she winked again (Melanie wondered if she’d developed a nervous twitch) very rich.”

    “Is that so?”

     “And of course you’re invited,” Rosscanon added.

    Melanie frowned at her “Last time I went to anything in your castle it didn’t end up so well for me did it.”

    They both knew she was referring to her treatment by King Goldvine and subsequent spanking at the hands of the Prince.

    Melanie thought on that and on the Prince. Her feelings toward the man were also confused.  He was proud, confident and brave, and he did end up saving her life. Did she find him a teensy bit attractive? She wasn’t sure. Somewhere deep inside she felt she ought to, but, truth be told, it just wasn’t there.

    Rosscanon became serious. “This will be different, Melanie. I promise. For a start you are now seen as one as one of the court and that places you high in the rankings. And you have the King’s personal protection. You will have a great time, I’m sure you will.”

    She looked so excited that Melanie didn’t want to disappoint her. “Okay,” she said, “I’ll go, I’m already looking forward to it (she lied).”

    The fairy beamed at her and then returned to clearing the table. As she watched her work, Melanie noticed that, not only had the fairy done something with her hair, she’d also done something with her eyelashes, which were now long and lush, curling upwards at the ends, and was that sparkling blue eye shadow? She certainly was a beautiful thing and Melanie felt a familiar kick inside. She thrust away the feeling, but it didn’t disappear and instead remained lurking round the shadows of her subconscious.

    She tried to keep any nervousness from her voice. “So, tell me, Rosscanon who are you dressing up for?”

    The fairy shot her a look—hazel doe eyes framed by a fence of black lashes. “Why? Don’t you like it?”

    “Yeah, sure, you look great, but you’ve not answered my question.”

    Rosscanon seemed nervous. “It’s for you, Melanie or I should say, Mistress.”

    Melanie smiled at her. “You dressed up for me?”

    Rosscanon nodded.


    “I’m your servant,” the fairy said, as if that reply answered all of Melanie’s questions.

    Staying as nonchalant as possible, Melanie picked up the peach she’d already started and took another bite (God, this tastes sweet!)

    “So, tell me,” she said between chews, “what exactly is a servant good for?”

    “My role is to serve, Mistress.”

    Melanie took another bite. “Is that right?”

    The fairy shrugged. “Well, yes.”

    Melanie finished the peach and placed the stone back onto the table. Her hands were sticky with juice and she looked round for something to wipe them on. Finding nothing, she looked back. Rosscanon now stood right in front of her holding out a cloth. Melanie stood a head taller than her and the fairy looked up in a way that was almost too demure.

    With certain repressed feelings peeking out from the shadows she took the cloth, wiped her hands, wiped her mouth then playfully flung the cloth back in the fairies face.

    Rosscanon looked shocked. Melanie laughed at her and gently pushed her away. “I’m just playing with you. First off, you mustn’t take me too seriously, okay?”

    Rosscanon looked like that was just what she was going to do.

    Melanie took her mind off it by giving her an order to follow. “Look, why don’t you fix me a drink. I’ll be sitting outside, you can bring it too me out there.”

    The fairy seemed delighted to be given something to do and rushed off into the kitchen.

    Melanie watched the fairy wings disappear through the kitchen door and shook her head smiling at the way she’d felt earlier. Maybe living here wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

    Outside the house, the sun hung high in a deep blue sky. Away, across the expanse of meadow, the huge turrets and towers of the castle dominated the skyline. A group of horses, dappled brown and white, wandered across the meadow, their tails swinging, their thick manes blowing in the light breeze.

    Why, among so much tranquillity am I still feeling disturbed?

    Deep inside, the answer stepped out of the shadows and stared her in the face—Linden!

    She quickly tried to shut it away, but was too late. Linden’s beautiful elven face flashed bright in her mind’s eye and it felt as if a bag of cement had just dropped into her chest. She tried to ignore it. The sudden warm ache between her thighs proved harder to ignore and, becoming angry, she shook it all out of herself.

    A fallen log had been converted into a long bench resting up against the wall of the house. A rose trailed up beside it and a parasol of crimson blossoms hung out over the bench. She sat in the shade and tried to ignore the tiny little faces peeking out from their frame of rose petals. This world was weird, but that didn’t mean she had to encourage it.

    Rosscanon came out and, not seeing her at first, stood looking round for her. The sun shone through her gossamer wings like they were made of stained glass and side on, the curvaceous figure of the fairy did little to help Melanie’s confusion.

    Melanie sighed. Rosscanon heard and turned in her direction. She came over and handed her a beaker of mead. She acknowledged the fairy with a nod and took a mouthful. Deep and warming, the nature of the wine had an immediate calming effect and she felt herself relax—the loosening of the muscles in her shoulders and back proving just how tense she was.

    Honestly, she chided herself. She didn’t know when she was well off.

    Rosscanon stood blocking out the sun and running her hands down the silk dress.

    “You don’t like that outfit, do you?” Melanie said.

    The fairy tipped her head to one side. “I’m not used to this material. It may be all the fashion in court at the moment, but it creases so easily. I much prefer cotton.”

    “So do I, and it’s too long (the dress hung down to her ankles). I prefer you to wear something shorter.”

    Rosscanon looked hurt. “You want me to change?”

    Melanie didn’t want to hurt her feelings, especially as she’d gone to so much trouble. “No, the dress looks fine. In fact, you look wonderful.”

    She motioned to the space on the bench next to her. “Say, why don’t you go get yourself a mug of this stuff and come talk to me.”

    The fairy hesitated, looking unsure.

    “It’s an order.” Melanie tried to make it sound authoritative.

     Rosscanon nodded and went back in the house. Melanie watched her go. Her fairy servant might not much like the dress, but it fitted her rather well, hugging her waist and flaring out over her hips to flow down to her bare ankles.

    A few moments later she returned with a smaller cup of mead and after again brushing down her dress, came and sat down next to her. The bench was not long and Rosscanon sat close. Melanie looked into those deep brown eyes. Up close the eye shadow had an odd 3D effect that made the fairy look a bit like an Egyptian pharaoh.

    Melanie grinned at her, took another sip, then said, “so, tell me, why the new look? Is it really all been done for me, or is there someone else you’re trying to impress?”

    Rosscanon took a sip of mead “No, it’s for you, Melanie. I’ve been promoted. Because I’m your head servant I’m officially now one of the royal court. It’s quite a jump upwards and I’m still trying to get used to it.”

    Melanie was pleased by this. “Promoted, eh, I bet you’re glad you’ve come and worked for me.”

    Rosscanon gave her a big smile and took another sip of mead.

    “So, tell me more about this servant/ mistress relationship.”

    The fairy looked confused “I thought that would be clear, Mistress.”

    “Not really. For a start what can I command you to do?”

    She shrugged. “The role is one of obedience. You can ask anything of me, as long as it doesn’t cause harm to another fairy and doesn’t cause disrespect to any member of the Royal Family or their guests.”

    “So, as long as it stays within those boundaries, I can ask anything?”

    Rosscanon nodded her head.

    Melanie kept her eyes locked onto the fairies own. “And tell me, what if you refuse to carry out my orders?”

    The fairies face fell, and her voice came as a whisper. “Then, by Fairy Law, you have the right to punish me.”

    Melanie feigned surprise “Really and how am I supposed to do that?”

    “Any way you see fit, Mistress.”

    Melanie took another sip of wine, allowing the sudden silence between them to lengthen. After a while she said, “You mean like the Prince punished me?”

    Rosscanon’s eyes widened. “That is one way, yes.”

    The look on the poor fairies face was so much like a rabbit caught in headlights that Melanie had to force herself not to burst out laughing. I’m being really unfair, but how can I resist.

    She managed to keep it deadpan serious. “So, let me get this straight. If you do anything to displease me, then I am within my rights to spank you?”

    Rosscanon had to clear her throat to speak. “By law, yes,” she whispered.

    Melanie wasn’t sure what she heard in the fairies voice, a hint of nervousness, of excitement perhaps, but there was no mistaking a hint of genuine fear.

    She lightened the mood by laughing and pushed at the fairy—an action which broke the spell.

    “I’m playing with you, Rosscanon. I want us to be friends. I’m new to this world and need a companion.”

    She drained her cup and held it out “Here, be a good servant and get me a refill.”

    Rosscanon blinked back into the moment, took the beaker and raced away into the house. Melanie watched her go. In her mind a war was raging between dark desires and respect for her new friend. Dark desires won and wicked erotic seeds began to grow.

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